Grant Wright

Grant Wright

Position: Principal Consultant
Company: Scarlett Solutions Limited


Grant has over 20 years’ experience of delivering and leading enterprise-scale transformation and digital service design across government and financial services sectors. He is a Principal Consultant and Director of Scarlett Solutions, a UK based consultancy specialising in business analysis/architecture, agile product management and business transformation.

Grant combines his passion for business analysis with tools & techniques from other fields such as user/customer experience (UX/CX), P3M and lean/agile delivery in order to clearly define problems and identify effective solutions for his clients. He actively practices Visual Thinking throughout his work and is passionate about its ability to create alignment, improve understanding and generate creative ideas.


Workshop*: Unleashing the Power of Visual Thinking

Academic research has shown that the brain is able to process, retain and recall visual information more quickly, accurately and consistently than when the same information is expressed solely in words (whether written or spoken).

In recent years the concepts of ‘Visual Thinking’ and ‘Sketchnoting’ have grown in popularity as a means of explaining complex concepts, making content easier to remember, generating ideas, creating engagement and so much more…

In this hands-on session participants will explore the world of visual thinking and learn some practical techniques that will help them to become a better BA and have fun in the process!

*Workshop attendee numbers will be limited. Registration for workshops will open to all those who have registered by the 12th of October.

BABOK V3 Alignment:The primary ones would be Strategy Analysis, Elicitation and Collaboration and Requirements Analysis & Design Definition. It can also amplify several of the core competencies including Communication Skills, Interaction Skills, Brainstorming, Collaborative Games and more.